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24th-Apr-2009 09:45 am(no subject)
Updating all my social media sites with just one click. Ping.fm

I'm so excited! (and I just can't hide it)  Just kidding.

It's been 4 months since the last football game was played where the Giants won the Superbowl in a "GIANT" upset. This week kick started the upcoming season with pre-draft workouts and practices. Then next week we will have the most exciting off season day prior to Training Camp, The Draft. 

The Atlanta Falcons will be picking the 3rd overall in the first, and then 4 more picks in the first day. Can't hardly wait! 

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11th-Apr-2008 02:07 pm - On Vox: NCAA Bracket Champ?

So it was my first time doing a bracket and guess what? I cashed in $65 for it.

Beginner's Luck? Maybe, but you know it's a good thing when you try a little bit of everything this tiny planet has to offer. 

Maybe I'll start playing a little basketball again.  It'll certainly get me in shape.  Since, graduating from college I have been sitting in the office and eating non stop for 5 days a week.  Certainly need to get out there and get some activity again.

What's sad is.. I could have gone out, but I decided to stay in and lounge around the house.  I wonder if there's a hidden lazy bone in my body that activates when it's close to my home.

Well, I'll think about it later when I get home...             ....................          ...............       I just realized what I said...


See ya around!

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7th-Mar-2008 04:45 pm - On Vox: Check out Mabinogi!

Originally posted on calvinwong.vox.com

I was reading the news and found this article.


Game researcher ducks millions in royalties

Co-developer of multi-million seller 'Brain Age' gave royalty share to college construction efforts.

By Mike Smith

Ryuta Kawashima, the researcher behind Nintendo's Brain Age series of games for the DS portable system, would rather be working than enjoying $11 million in royalties he could have earned from his creations.

"Not a single yen has gone in my pocket," Dr. Kawashima told the AFP in a recent interview. Kawashima, whose likeness was heavily featured in the best-selling Brain Age games, is instantly recognizable to almost 12 million gamers worldwide.

Under the terms of his agreement with his employer, Tohoku University in Japan's north-east region, Kawashima was entitled to accept half the Brain Age royalties personally. Instead, he used the proceeds to help fund $6.5 million in construction projects on Tohoku's campus.

"My hobby is work," he said. "Everyone in my family is mad at me but I tell them that if they want money, go out and earn it."

Kawashima, who strictly monitors his teenage sons' gaming time, is currently working on a four-year project to study brain development in children. He's also cooperating with Toyota to develop a car designed to keep elderly drivers alert.


This makes me feel that there is still hope in our world for people to be genuinely good. If this makes you want to do something positive for your community then all I can say is please do so!


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Today, I found out that there was extensive filming of the new Batman movie in my favorite Southeast Asian city of Hong Kong. Along with the fact that Heath Ledger will be the new Joker and with supporting roles played by Morgan Freeman and Edison Chen.

It is actually very surprising it took Hollywood this long to realize the potential of Asia's Hollywood.  HK has produced the most movies out of all the asian countries, where Japan and Korea have innovated music and anime.  

If you remember "The Departed" it was a remake of a HK film titled "Infernal Affairs."  Funny, Edison was in "Infernal Affairs."  

Anywho, I look forward to this holiday season and the movies that will come with them.  "I am Legend" and "Alvin and the Chipmunks" are topping the list.  I like remakes.

Happy Holidays! 

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5th-Oct-2007 04:41 pm - On Vox: ANGER

I am about to blow up from anger.

I was waiting for Friday the whole week.  You know, to relax on the weekends away from work and responsibilities.

Heck, so much for that.  I have to go to my Parent's restaurant and work directly after I get out of the office.


I don't know what to say, but I feel like I am about to explode.  I don't know what to do, but I have to go.


Some just give me a good slap on the face.

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11th-Jul-2007 02:56 pm - On Vox: Unrestricted US phone service

The FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is the MAN!  For years we have been stuck, LOCKED, to a specific cell phone provider.  We have been stuck with stupid low quality outdated phones while the rest of the world is experiencing 3G and its wonderful offerings. This year Kevin is trying to change all of that.  the 700 Mhz range that the TV broadcasting used to be on is being opened to the cell phone industry.  Not only that, but there will be less regulations on this range and cell phone providers are not allowed to waste our time any longer. 

Kevin Martin is trying to make our technology catch up to the rest of the world.  Instead of concentrating on the profitablity he is trying to give quality to the US consumers!  GO KEVIN! KEVIN FOR PRESIDENT!

Here is the original article! http://news.yahoo.com/s/usatoday/20070710/tc_usatoday/newrulescouldrockwirelessworld&printer=1;_ylt=Ar.I3VyiXPkmloRXv3IWgmFdCGYD

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10th-Jul-2007 09:37 am - On Vox: Death Note Vol. 1

Just picked up my first three volumes of Death Note without realizing what it was. I had a buy 3 get the 4th free deal.  This series is amazing. Highly intellectual and great intensity in story telling.  I recommend this series with 5 stars.

Go out there and find out more about it!

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29th-Jun-2007 11:17 pm - On Vox: Calvin’s Indulgences

On June 28th, I finally joined the smartphone community.  I purchased a slightly used N80 from a fellow Atlantan off of Facebook Marketplace.  I quickly downloaded applications and other nice programs for the phone.  One of these was Nokia Lifeblog.

I couldn't wait to try it out.  I quickly set up this Vox account, Flickr, and set up all the other necessary connections with my existing blogs such as LiveJournal.

So here I am, ready to expose my life to the world one picture at a time.  I would love any advice or comments you can give.

See you soon!

Originally posted on calvinwong.vox.com

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